4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Intentionally Planning Today

By Alicia Cohen

Don’t we all, especially us planner-mamas, wish we could wave a magic wand to help us make it through what just feels like the everyday basics of life?  I know I’ve felt that way.  It seems like there’s always too much to do and never enough time.  It is far too easy to get sucked into doing what we don’t want to do (but we feel like we have to do) and then never get to the good stuff that we actually want to do.  Fortunately, all is not lost.  There is a solution.  I call it intentional planning.


Now, before you hit “close” on this article because you already have a planner and you already DO plan, hear me out.  My guess is that you’re reading this article because you feel some level of dissatisfaction with how your life is running, and this would then mean that your current planning system, whatever it may be, just isn’t making the cut for having you be where you are looking to be in your life.  So, with this being the case, it’s time to take inventory of what you have going on in your planning system (or maybe you don’t even have a system right now!) and switch it up to something new.  May I suggest intentional planning? ;)


So, what is intentional planning?  Simply put, it still is planning (you know….the same old, same old of appointments, to-do lists, meetings, etc.), but the twist is that we are bringing intentionality to our planning practice.  This means that we account for things like our goals, our life-season, our time constraints, our responsibilities, and more when we plan.  By doing this, we are being intentional and we are also being comprehensive in our approach.


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Reason #1: You will save time.


Personally, this one would be reason enough for me to take on a new planning system. Saving time is a huge win! The trick here is that by doing intentional planning we are not wasting time on doing what's not important at the time, and we are also not wasting time on trying to figure out what needs to be done next. We've already done that thinking and that work by planning, intentionally, ahead of time. Has this ever happened to you? You have a minute to get something done, but you're not really sure what's most important to get done. So, you just start doing whatever the closest thing is to where you are standing that looks like it would be a good thing to get accomplished. However, maybe this isn't what you actually would have preferred to get done. Then, beyond that, you just start bouncing around and you do that one thing which then leads you to doing the next thing and the next thing and before you know it you've done a whole bunch of "stuff," but have you really done what you wanted or needed to do? If you're like me, the answer to that is "no.”  So, when we intentionally plan, we completely remove the randomness from what we get accomplished. We remove the bouncing around the house taking on whatever project catches our eye. We remove jumping from task to task for whatever seems to be the most urgent at the moment. Personally, I do myself an enormous favor by intentionally planning because I remove approaching getting things done in “urgent mode,” and this saves me time, in the end.


Reason #2: You will decrease your stress level.


Again, another huge win here! If saving time wasn't already enough of a reason to do intentional planning, then decreased stress? Sign me up! When you have taken the time to intentionally plan out your day, your week, etc., and you are no longer running around having your life feel completely bananas, naturally you will feel less stressed. Also, isn't it calming to know that you are doing what needs to be done and also doing what you have determined is important to do? Beyond that, doing what matters most to me (because I have taken the time to get clear and get intentional about it) results in a significant reduction in my stress level. But this is not unique to just me! You can get this reduction in your stress level too! Intentional planning is the way to do that!


Reason #3: You will put time towards what matters to you.


As part of intentional planning, you take time to reflect on what's going on in your life, what your goals are, and what’s important to you. Then, you plan out your days with all of this in mind. This is a huge benefit of doing intentional planning! You actually take the time to think about what really matters to you, and then you actually plan those things back into your life so that they are happening. I love this about intentional planning! It feels amazing to actually spend my time doing what matters to me. This is all made possible because I have determined what actually matters to me. Then, intentional planning is the means through which I am able to make this a reality. Not to mention that by intentionally planning you have already saved time which gives you even more time to be focusing on what you want to be spending your time on. But it's not magic! This is obtainable for anyone who decides to take on intentional planning!


Reason #4: You will increase your self-confidence.


So, if you are spending time on what matters most to you and being effective in getting done what you'd actually like to do, then naturally your confidence level is going to shoot up! We feel good when we are living out our lives in a way that is consistent with how we want to be living out our lives. This reason is just a natural result and really an automatic result of doing intentional planning. It's like a freebie that you get just by doing the method!


So there you have it! The top reasons to take on intentional planning in your own life! It feels fantastic to save time, decrease stress, and focus on what matters most to you, but then you also will be increasing your self-confidence by feeling successful at how you are running your time! There are just huge wins to be gained all across the board here!


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Heeeey, Sweet Sister!  I'm Alicia, and I'm so excited that you're here!  I love a lot of things in life, but at the top of my list are my wonderful husband, my two precious kids, and helping other planner-mamas get back their joy and peace in life through intentional, functional planning!


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