​hanging-on-by-a-thread, exhausted race of daily life)?  Well, you know what?  I cracked the code for myself!  And, I'd love to help you crack the code for yourself, too!


Why "Sweet Sister"?


You may have seen me refer to my readers and students as "Sweet Sister."  Here's a look into my thinking as to why I picked this term of endearment. 


First, I totally get the frazzled planner-mama life.  It's so frustrating to be working so hard just to be left feeling like you're getting nowhere.  I see you, and I know your pain -- I've been there.  My heart goes out to you and I feel for you, and so because of this I use "sweet" as the first part of my name for my readers and students.  I use it to express sentiments of care and compassion for the frazzled planner-mamas who come my way.


As for the "sister" part, I selected this word because of how I view my readers and students.  When someone chooses to join me in my intentional, planner-mama journey, I feel a sense of connection and solidarity with these women.  To me, there is something that we instantly share.  The way I see it is that we join together to do this motherhood thing, and within that, there's an aspect of sisterhood.  So, this is where the "sister" part originates from.  Also, I don't have any sisters, and I've always wanted a sister!


Just For Fun!


How about some fun facts?

  • I like to dance!
    • Once upon a time, in my 20s, I did competitive ballroom dance.
    • I used to do Irish dancing as a kid and picked it up again as an adult. 
  • I love to learn!  (Yes, this is a repeat from just above!  You were paying attention -- thank you!)
    • My favorite way to learn is by reading books.
    • When I say "reading" I mean "listening to audio books" because that's the only way I actually make it through books these days!
    • I pretty much never read fiction, only non-fiction.
  • I like to crochet!
    • My favorite things to crochet are baby hats.
    • I donate pretty much all of the baby hats that I make to my local hospital. 
  • I like bullet-point lists!
    • But you figured that out by now, right?